Late Archana Gupta

Archana Gupta, had done architecture from the TVB School of Habitat Studies, held a master’s degree in Sustainable Design, and believed that the value of architecture lay in its holistic nature. She attempted to remain connected with the 3 worlds of practise, academics and research simultaneously.

She was the Vice President – Projects for KPDK Buildtech Pvt. Ltd., while being actively involved in academics and had been a visiting faculty at various architecture colleges across the NCR. Archana was the co-founder and Director of the Foundation of The Indian Cities (TFIC). She wrote regularly for various magazines and journals and co-authored the book Celebrating Public Spaces of India. Though she was passionate about working on heritage projects, she had worked on design of contemporary retail spaces too. Archana believed that learning and experiences hold value only when shared with others. She was instrumental in developing the curriculum and setting its pace on project-based learning at Kalhath Institute. She stays as an inspiration and torchbearer for Kalhath Institute.