Mohd. Israr

Israr is a passionate embroiderer with finesse in his workmanship. He is currently incharge of artist-artisan collaborative project at Kalhath Institute. Born in 1993, he started embroidery at the age of 15 and has stayed committed to craft since then.

His fine craftsmanship is supported with sensitivity to use colours as his own identity. He communicates well and is quick to understand the creative requirements of designer/ artist as a co-worker. His immense commitment to learning and work with passion to manipulate and explore on various experiences gained is worth mentioning.

Israr manages and leads a team well in various projects and ensures that each one has new experiences and learning. With growing experience in working on artistic and creative works he may evolve his own creative identity. Hopefully his experiences in professional world will make him more comfortable with calculation and costing.

He is committed to craftmanship, excellence, timelines and shows immense involvement in creative outcomes. He is empathetic towards fellow embroiderers.