Kiri Roy

Parul Kiri Roy is an architect, academician and art historian who primarily engages with the idea of architecture as an outcome of occupied space, of people’s needs and user experience of the built environment.

Representation of architecture is an interest of hers, from regarding content and quality of drawings of the built object, analytical diagrams of a spatial complex, documentation of settlements to how architects represent the profession and themselves in society. She is currently an Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Architecture, School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi and is exploring the correlation between education and all that informs the practice of architecture in our country. Constantly reflecting on the classroom of architectural education, haunted strongly by the holy spectre of modernism, her pedagogical practice of teaching ‘studio’ and her research involves a continuous engagement and contestation with terms such as the vernacular and the modern.

She is the founder member of Indes (Investigating Design), an organization that believes design to be an everyday phenomenon and engages with the society by empowering people through design in various capacities. She is also a contributor on the, a not for profit think tank, for debate, awareness and action about the future of contemporary Indian cities. She is also an associate with CASP (Centre of Art and Social Practice), facilitating community-based art practice.