To recognize, promote, and sustain craft excellence
Implement design collaborations through engagement, education and exchange with traditional knowledge and global market for artisans.

The age old embroideries of India capture its cultural essence in its material, technique and design.

Kalhath Institute, under the patronage of Lucknow Design Trust formed in 2016, works on this aspect of Indian embroiderers from Uttar Pradesh. We engage with them both on skill and emotional level.

Human Centered Design is a key to all our activities. Empathy with the artisans gives us the vision to look at the craft from their viewpoint, thus giving us the opportunity to understand their lives and their work which leads to the enhancement of their confidence in craft practice.

Co-working, exploring vernacular design and techniques are the core tools that keep us connected to the artisan’s lives. It also focuses our attention towards their sustenance through exposure, education, innovation and excellence.

Craft, Design and Excellence form the framework for all our endeavours.